How to Cancel Your Tastecard Membership Online Now

tastecard have hidden their cancellation form from search engines. Find the shortcut to cancelling your tastecard below. 

Cancel your tastecard -> click here

If you cancel it no later than 5pm on the working day preceding your renewal date then you shouldn't have to pay the renewal fee!

It's also shown as a link in an FAQ at the bottom of their general enquiry form.

And a lovely review from Chris who said this worked wonders for him

I have this morning finally managed to cancel my Tastecard account thanks to your blog. Very much appreciated.

So how is it hidden from search engines?

They are using a tag on this web page alone called 'noindex' which means that search engines like Google will refuse to show it in search results. This is usually reserved for protected areas of a site like member logins, media uploads and items blocked by a paywall.

In this instance however it is just a penny pinching way to cheat tastecard's trial members into giving up on finding the cancellation page so they'll pay the £4.99 per month subscription.

For more information on 'noindex' tags and other search engine tricks, please contact me.